2014 Winner of the ABSTRACT category of the FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix

2013 Winner of the Alltech International Alliance of Equestrian Journalist Media Award for Photography

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We photographed all horses & riders at these recent 2015 shows:  Red Hills Horse Trials,  The Fork Horse Trials, Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, Jersey Fresh Three Day Event.  I also photographed jumpers, driving and dressage in Ocala, WEF, and the Global Dressage. 

I personally unlock galleries -- and send you a confirmation email and coupon once done. Once the gallery is unlocked there will be no password to view.  Please email me for any questions or help:  photo@shannonbrinkman.net

For this Summer I will be covering CHIO Aachen, Brahmam, CHIO Rotterdam, Luhmuhlen, Global Championships in Monaco & Paris.  I also covered WEG (all horse sports), Aachen, Rotterdam and Luhmuhlen in the Summer of 2014-- please let me know if you need images --not all images are loaded yet in galleries.

A big thank-you to these talented photographers and riders for their help and contributions at the US shows during 2015: Anthony Trollope, Alleyn Evans, Cora Lautze, Leslie Threlkeld and Bonnie Mosser-- and all fence judges! ; )

For stock (magazines, equestrian suppliers, organizations, federations, etc) with stock photo needs please email me:
photo@shannonbrinkman.net If you don't find a particular gallery or rider images -- I can open a gallery for viewing images or help you find a particular photo.

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