Jacqueline Bennett
The AECs 2021 pics of my daughter are absolutely incredible! There is one photo in particular where my daughter just finished XC. She had a HUGE smile on her face. It's my absolute favorite!

I remember the photographer who was taking the pics after the stadium round. She was so nice. She obviously loved her job! The pics she took of our pony were beautiful!

Amazed that your team was everywhere at once; even for those of us in the “mere mortal” BN levels.

Thank you for your incredible work!
So you did those great shots for the smoking time jazz club "I need somone like you" ablum! THANK YOU!
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Fiona Deplanche(non-registered)
Toutes vos photos sont impressionnantes.
Bonnie Jenkins(non-registered)
I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so helpful and going above and beyond to get Miriam the picture of Mighty Nice for our Olympic spread in the Chronicle of the Horse. You have always been so great to the "TEAM" and we truly appreciate all your incredible photos and the service you provide. Please know this means a lot!

Wishing you the very best! Bonnie
The Event at Rebecca Farm(non-registered)
Superb photographs that captures the heart and soul of an event! We've booked her for next year.
Oh my gosh Shannon!!! I am looking at these shots in complete awe. What a fantastic job. I love photos and you did not disappoint. Big Big Big hugs for such a fantastic arsenal of spectacular shots. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!

Thank you for your hard work. I am truly impressed.
Clair Barnett(non-registered)
show photos:
Stunning. Huge raves on them. Thanks again for capturing the highlight of my daughters life and moments that will last a lifetime.
Thank you so much for fantastic pictures from the fork 2014! The pictures were timed perfectly and beautiful!
Thank you Shannon for providing me with memories that will last forever! Every photograph is a beautiful reminder of a great weekend at Jersy Fresh! You have an incredible eye
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