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OPEN A Gallery CREDIT-- PLEASE write rider, horse, pinny, division in instructions upon purchase.

Guestbook for **open a gallery
Tom Kimmel(non-registered)
The website is the most confusing, bewildering website I have ever seen. I'm asked for mysterious passwords, placing an order is like solving a giant tavern puzzle which I have yet to solve. My shopping cart totaled $ 147,000.00 which is waaaay more than I want to spend. All I want to do is order AEC photos in the highest resolution because the ones I ordered at the show print out fuzzy.
Jenni Bickerstaff(non-registered)
Berkley Gardner
Horse Dad(non-registered)
Already have our images from Express Foto. They are awesome

You do not even have yours up yet. You are not awesome.

Go to Express Foto everyone. Their prices are fair and straight forward.
Mark Doan(non-registered)
When are you going to make it so we can do your show special? My daughter so excited to be going to be going to AEC's she wants me to order as soon as possible to make sure you get her on your list to be photographed.

She will be riding in the junior novice division.

Thank you
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